Lead in ingots
Lead in ingots

Brand: C0, C1, C2, C3, C1C, C2C, C3C

Size of finished products: Piglets are made weighing from 30 to 40 kg

Purpose of the product: Lead has the following properties:

  • very soft, obedient metal that can be cut with a knife;
  • heavy, denser than iron;
  • melts at relatively low temperatures (327 degrees);
  • it is rapidly oxidized in air. A piece of pure lead is always covered with a layer of oxide.

It is used in various industries in medicine and other areas where protection from radiation is needed. The protective properties of lead are used in the nuclear industry, science, and the production of nuclear weapons;

in the electrical industry. Lead is not susceptible to corrosion – this property is actively used in electrical engineering. But lead batteries have become the most widespread. In addition, lead is used to protect cables, manufacture cable cabins, fuses, superconductors;

in the military industry. It goes to the manufacture of bullets, shot and shells.

in the production of dyes and building mixes. Lead is used in the production of putties, cement, protective coatings for glass and ceramics.


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