Cadmium in ingots
Cadmium in ingots

Brand: CD0A, CD0,CD1

Size of finished products: ingots weighing 10 kg, 4 kg and 0.5 kg

Purpose of the product: Today this chemical element has found wide application as a metallurgical raw material. It is an additive in order to lower the melt temperature for materials such as copper, zinc, silver or gold. This is very important when it comes to manufacturing and industry, as it is difficult to find an alternative to cadmium.

Cadmium CD1 is used during the production of various jewelry. Its importance is great in the production of rods intended for nuclear reactors, during the production of sprays, castings or solders for connecting various surfaces.

Another area of use of this chemical element is the creation of an anticorrosive coating of ferrous metal. This is especially important if there is contact with salt water. In addition, cadmium CD1 is an integral part of modern electric accumulators, which are called nickel-cadmium.


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